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作者:    撰写日期:2018-11-19  





  备注:2018中国激光产业发展报告英文版(Annual Reports on Chinese Laser Industry)仅发售电子版,售价2999元/本。



  Annual Report on Chinese Laser Industry (hereinafter referred to as "the Report") is an annual research report on laser industry compiled by the joint expert team of Wuhan Documentation and Information Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), and co-issued by Wuhan Documentation and Information Center of CAS, Chinese Laser Press, and The Chinese Optical Society. 

  The Report focuses on the industrial chain and technical chain of laser industry, and reveals the system from both macro and micro perspectives. Centering on policy, region, technology, product, market, enterprise, and other industrial tracking elements, investigation and verification are conducted to acquire factual data. Literature metrology, data mining, and other methods are used to objectively reflect the current situation of laser industry, and experts are pooled together to offer insights into industrial development trend. 

  The Report works to provide detailed and rich information, objective and fair data, and incisive analysis. Focusing on the dynamics of laser industry, the Editorial Committee seeks to write the first authoritative analysis report in China that truly reveals annual industrial situation, offers input to industrial decision-making, and promotes industrial development. 

  The simplified version of the Report will be issued to the public for free each March, and the detailed version will be released in July of the year. 

  The copyright of all original texts, pictures, and data in the Report belongs to Wuhan Documentation and Information Center of CAS. For any third party to reprint or cite the content of the Report, it has to specify the source of the information. For anyone to use the content for commercial purpose, the person involved has to gain the consent of all parties concerned through written form. 



  Issuers        i

  Sponsors        i

  Data Support        i

  Experts and Consultants        ii

  Members of the Editorial Committee        ii

  Foreword        iii

  Source of Data        iv

  Contents        I

  Contents of Charts        V

  Chapter 1 Laser and Laser Industrial Chain        1

      1.1 Definition and Application of Laser        1

          1.1.1 Definition of laser        1

          1.1.2 The application of laser in industry        1

          1.1.3 The application of laser in information field        2

          1.1.4 The application of laser in medicine        3

          1.1.5 The application of laser in business        3

          1.1.6 The application of laser in scientific research        4

          1.1.7 The application of laser in military        4

      1.2 Definition and Classification of Laser        4

          1.2.1 Definition of laser        4

          1.2.2 Classification of laser        4

      1.3 Laser Industrial Chain        6

      1.4 Laser Industry and Economy        7

  Chapter 2 Development Trend of Global Laser Industry        9

      2.1 The Overall Picture of Global Laser Industry in 2017        9

      2.2 The Market Scale of Global Laser Industry in 2017        10

      2.3 The Revenue of Major Foreign Laser Enterprises in 2017        12

      2.4 The Dynamics of Major Foreign Laser Enterprises in 2017        13

          2.4.1 Mergers and acquisitions of foreign laser enterprises in 2017        13

      2.5 Dynamics of Foreign Cutting-edge Laser Technologies in 2017        16

          2.5.1 Laser with the shortest line width in the world was developed in Germany        16

          2.5.2 Hybrid III-V/silicon laser suitable for volume production was developed in France        16

          2.5.3 Major headway was made in the research of the first continuous atom laser in the world        17

          2.5.4 New-type laser can provide tunable multi-color laser        17

          2.5.5 Negative mass particles created by Stanford University may contribute to construction of low-power laser        18

  Chapter 3 The Environment and Regional Development of China's Laser Industry        19

      3.1 Policy Environment of China's Laser Industry        19

      3.2 Market Environment of China's Laser Industry        24

          3.2.1 The overall situation of China's laser equipment market        24

          3.2.2 The overall situation of China's industrial laser market        25

          3.2.3 The sales of fiber lasers in China        26

          3.2.4 The sales in China's ultraviolet laser market        30

          3.2.5 The situation of China's laser cutting equipment market        31

          3.2.6 The import and export of China's laser components and parts        32

      3.3 Regional Environment of China's Laser Industry        34

          3.3.1 Development environment of laser industry in East China        34

          3.3.2 Development environment of laser industry in South China        35

          3.3.3 Development environment of laser industry in North China and Northeast China        35

          3.3.4 Development environment of laser industry in Central China        36

          3.3.5 Development environment of laser industry in Western China        36

      3.4 The R&D Environment of China's Laser Industry        37

          3.4.1 National photoelectric R&D institutes        37

          3.4.2 Funding of National Natural Science Foundation of China for photoelectric projects in 2017        40

          3.4.3 Funding of National Key R&D Program for photoelectric projects in 2017        44

          3.4.4 Newly selected academicians in photoelectronic field in 2017        47

          3.4.5 Newly selected national outstanding youths in photoelectronic field in 2017        48

          3.4.6 Introduction of overseas top-notch talents in photoelectronic field in 2017        51

  Chapter 4 Technology and Product Development of China's Laser Industry        52

      4.1 The Overall Situation of China's Laser Technology Patent in 2017        52

      4.2 Industrialization Technologies and Products in China's Laser Field of 2017        54

          4.2.1 The extreme photonic manufacturing equipment from XIOPM of CAS        54

          4.2.2 The laser processing system, Activation UV-L750, from LIMO        54

          4.2.3 The multi-axis and high-precision UV Laser PVD microfabricated system from Han’s Laser Technology Co., Ltd.        55

          4.2.4 The practical DUV mask aligner from Academy of Opto-electronics, CAS        55

      4.3 The Progress in China's Laser Technology Research in 2017        57

          4.3.1 Fudan University developed the first all-silicon laser in the world        57

          4.3.2 Peking University developed monocrystal nanosheet materials with a high optical quality and strong stability        58

          4.3.3 Tsinghua University developed new light sources including on-chip free electron light source        58

          4.3.4 Tsinghua University produced nano-laser based on two-dimensional material under room temperature for the first time        59

          4.3.5 SIOM of CAS designed the next-generation light source of single-photon detection space lidar        60

  Chapter 5 The Developments of Market and Enterprises in China's Laser Industry        61

      5.1 The Market Pattern of China's Laser Industry in 2017        61

          5.1.1 The overall situation of China's laser industry market in 2017        61

          5.1.2 The business scope of China's laser enterprises in 2017        62

      5.2 Investment and Mergers and Acquisitions of China's Laser Industry in 2017        63

          5.2.1 Mergers and acquisitions of domestic laser industry in 2017        63

          5.2.2 The establishment of domestic investment fund in the field of optoelectronics        65

      5.3 The Situation of China's Laser-related Listed Enterprises in 2017        68

          5.3.1 Revenues of domestic laser enterprises listed on the main board market in 2017        68

          5.3.2 Revenues of domestic laser enterprises listed on the New Third Board Market in 2017        70

  Chapter 6 Conclusion & Outlook        71

  Brief Introduction to Issuers        74

  Wuhan Documentation and Information Center, CAS        74

  Chinese Laser Press        75

  The Chinese Optical Society        76


Contents of Charts

  Chart 1 Categories of Laser Material Processing        2

  Chart 2 Classification of Laser        6

  Chart 3 Laser Industrial Chain        7

  Chart 4 Sales and Forecast of Global Laser, 2012-2018E (unit: USD 100 million)        11

  Chart 5 The Situation of Global Laser Application Market, 2017        12

  Chart 6 The Revenue of Major Foreign Laser Enterprises in 2017 (unit: USD 100 million)        13

  Chart 7 Mergers and Acquisitions of Foreign Laser Enterprises in 2017        14

  Chart 8 Chinese Policies Related to Laser Industry, 2015-2017        20

  Chart 9 The Latest Laser Industry Policies of Regions in China        23

  Chart 10 Sales Revenue and Forecast of China's Laser Equipment Market, 2011-2018E (unit: RMB 100 million)        24

  Chart 11 Sales Revenue of Laser Equipment in China's Market Segments, 2017 (unit: RMB 100 million)        25

  Chart 12 Share Changes in China's Industrial Laser Market, 2016-2018E        26

  Chart 13 Shares of Different Suppliers in the Sales Amount of the China’s Fiber Laser Market, 2017        27

  Chart 14 Prices of Fiber Lasers in China, 2017        27

  Chart 15 Sales Volume of Fiber Laser (<100W) in China, 2013-2018E (unit: sets)        28

  Chart 16 Sales Volume of Fiber Laser (≤1.5kW) in China, 2013-2018E (unit: sets)        29

  Chart 17 Sales Volume of Fiber Laser (>1.5kW) in China, 2013-2018E (unit: sets)        29

  Chart 18 Sales Amount of China's Ultraviolet Laser, 2014-2018E (unit: sets)        30

  Chart 19 Sales Amount of China's Laser Cutting Complete Equipment, 2013-2018E (unit: sets)        31

  Chart 20 Import and Export Value of Laser Components and Parts in China, 2010-2017 (unit: USD 1 million)        32

  Chart 21 Import and Export Amount of Laser Components and Parts in China, 2010-2017 (unit: 10 thousand)        33

  Chart 22 The Import and Export of Machining Tools Using Laser, Other Light or Photon Beam Processing Material, 2015-2017        33

  Chart 23 China's National Photoelectronic Research Agencies and Their Supporting Institutions        37

  Chart 24 Proposed List of National Joint Photoelectronic Engineering Research Centers of 2017        40

  Chart 25 Top 10 Institutions in Photoelectronic Field Receiving the Largest Amount of Direct Fund of NSFC in 2017 (unit: RMB 10 thousand)        41

  Chart 26 Top 10 Research Teams Receiving the Largest Amount of Direct Fund for Single Project in 2017 (photoelectronic field)        41

  Chart 27 Major Scientific Instrument Research Projects Funded by the NSFC in 2017 (photoelectronic field)        42

  Chart 28 Funding of National Key R&D Program for Photoelectric Projects in 2017 (research institutes)        45

  Chart 29 Top 10 Photoelectric Projects Funded by National Key R&D Program in 2017 (colleges and universities)        45

  Chart 30 Top 10 Photoelectric Projects Funded by National Key R&D Program in 2017 (enterprises)        46

  Chart 31 Top 10 Projects Funded by "Additive Manufacturing and Laser Manufacturing" Key Project in 2017 (academic institutions)        46

  Chart 32 Newly Selected Academicians in Photoelectronic Field in the CAS and the CAE in 2017        47

  Chart 33 Newly Selected National Outstanding Youths in Photoelectronic Field in 2017        49

  Chart 34 Introduction of Overseas Top-notch R&D and Entrepreneurial Talents in Photoelectronic Field in 2017        51

  Chart 35 Top 10 Regions in China in Terms of the Number of Laser Patent Application (unit: Nr.)        52

  Chart 36 Top 10 in Number of Patent Application of Laser Technology R&D Institutions in 2017        53

  Chart 37 The Revenue Growth Rate of Domestic and Foreign Laser Enterprises from 2015 to 2017 (unit: %)        61

  Chart 38 The Business Scope of China's Main Laser Enterprises in 2017        62

  Chart 39 Mergers and Acquisitions of Domestic Laser-related Fields in 2017        64

  Chart 40 The Establishment of Domestic Investment Funds in the Field of Optoelectronics(of over RMB 1 billion)        65

  Chart 41 The Establishment of Domestic Optoelectronics Industry Alliances or Organizations        67

  Chart 42 Revenues of Domestic Laser Enterprises Listed on the Main Board Market in 2017        69

  Table 43 Basic Information of Laser Enterprises Listed on the New Third Board in 2017        70




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